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Welcome to Orofino! Welcome to Orofino!

Orofino is the land of all seasons, and has something for everyone the year round. This beautiful mountainous country is full of crystal clear rivers, babbling brooks and turquoise lakes. The equal distribution of all four seasons creates an ever-changing landscape.

In 1805 Captain Meriweather Lewis and William Clark discovered Idaho at Lemhi Pass, crossed into north central Idaho over Lolo Trail and built canoes at Canoe Camp at Orofino, and sailed on to the Columbia River.  The Lewis Clark Historic Trail follows today’s Northwest Passage Scenic Byway-All American Road through this section of north central Idaho.  This same route includes the Nez Perce National Historic Trail.

Due to the inflow of settlers and the construction of the railroad up river, Orofino's townsite got its start in 1898. The name Oro Fino means "fine gold." It was taken from a gold rush town called "Oro Fino" that was located near Pierce and later burned down. The post office objected to two words. The town joined the two words and it became Orofino.

Today, Orofino is located on the banks of the Clearwater River.  Surrounded by wilderness areas on three sides, this land is truly a haven for those who desire THE GREAT OUTDOORS.

Dworshak National Fish Hatchery & Dworshak Dam & Visitor Center

A short drive from Orofino on Hwy 7 is the community of Ahsaka.   This is home to Dworshak National Fish Hatchery, a unique visitor destination.  Year round self guided tours are available and the opportunity to “Watch Spawning” takes place in the spring and fall.  Up the road 4 miles is the entrance to the Dworshak Dam & Reservoir complex.  The dam is the highest straight-axis concrete dam in the Western Hemisphere, and the 22nd highest dam in the world. Only two other dams in the United States exceed it in height.  Dworshak Reservoir & Visitor Center is a 54 mile flat water reservoir that is a recreation paradise.

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